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Law of Conference Calls

9 Feb

Mohitoz’ Law #237

The vacuum cleaner outside your room will make a mumble-jumble in a conference call even more difficult to decipher.


Law of Reverse Attraction

17 Jan

Mohitoz’ Law #213

Divorce can lead to marriage.

Second Law of Copenhagen

21 Dec

Mohitoz’ Law #183

The Climate Summit can be summed up in one word: No-hope-in-hagen.

(It’s also my 20th entry in Urban Dictionary.)

Law of David Headley

18 Dec

Mohitoz’ Law #180

Always judge a spook by his cover.

Third Law of Tiger Woods

9 Dec

Mohitoz’ Law #171

Robert Frost was righter than he thought.

First Law of Warren Buffet

6 Dec

Mohitoz’ Law #167

Reading Playboy might help men add a few inches. Reading annual reports, however, will add millions.

Second Law of Tiger Woods

5 Dec

Mohitoz’ Law #166

When you’re whipped by the media, you finally realise that ‘golf’ is ‘flog’ spelled backwards.