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Law of Salahis

1 Dec

Mohitoz’ Law #162

Gatecrashing a Presidential dinner is a Capitol idea.

Michael and Tareq Salahi

Michael and Tareq Salahi at the Obama-Manmohan Singh dinner (Photo courtesy AP & thenextweb.com)


Law of 26/11

26 Nov

Mohitoz’ Law #157

Lethal bullets will be followed by hollow promises from politicians in India, Pakistan and the USA.

Law of Nobel Prize (a.k.a Law of Diets)

9 Oct

Mohitoz’ Law #105

If you stick to your diet, you will win the the no-belly prize.

The Wordsmith Behind the Cairo Speech

6 Jun

While the world’s been applauding President Obama’s speech in Cairo earlier this week, has anyone patted his speechwriter on the back? Ben Rhodes is the man we should be raising a toast to…what say?

Expensive Elections

15 May

Would you believe me if I said India spent more on its elections this year than the US did last year? Actually, it isn’t me who’s saying it…

According to NYT, President Obama’s election cost $2.4 billion. While India’s patchwork-quilted government is yet to take shape, the newspaper says “Candidates and parties spent $3 billion on everything, including transportation, advertising, celebrity endorsements and cash bribes over the course of the campaign…”

Now, whether it’s Mr Singh or Mr Advani (or some other rabble rouser) who finally make it as PM, it would be interesting to know whether the economy is in slowdown mode despite the infusion of this capital. Does it also mean that post-elections, there’ll be even less money in the system?

And if the Congress does make it, will they tell us what percentage of this spend (give or take a few million) went into greasing palms. After all, they’re the ones with the symbol of an open hand.


24 Mar

Okay, so AIG’s been a bit obtuse and sent Obama and Co. into another tizzy.

More important, it’s led to an OUTRAIG: Public anger directed at corporations like AIG which blow up taxpayers’ funds for self-gain… go thumb it on Urban Dictionary.

(By the way, Lehman Sisters had made it to the Word of the Day on March 20; but it does look like it’s disliked more than it’s loved! Which is also okay I guess – at least it evoked a response.)


Digitally Challenged Gandhi

3 Feb

Rahul Gandhi isn’t 40 yet… that makes him a young politician and perhaps a Prime Minister-in-waiting. He may be a regular on page 3 and, occasionally, in his constituency sleeping on charpoys with descendants of former British viceroys; but try Googling him and you’ll get this:

Search Results

Search Results

What’s interesting is not the results on him, but the solitary sponsored text ad on the right which will lead you to the home page of the 81-year old LK Advani.

As though that’s not enough, even Narendra Modi has a pretty well-designed site of his own.

Rahul, however, has this:

Hamein Site Bhi Banana Hai

Hamein Site Bhi Banana Hai

Could it be that, in spite of having senior citizens running the party, the BJP itself is younger than the Congress when it comes to leveraging the Internet?

Or is it because our young politicians haven’t quite grasped the power of this medium yet?

Omar Abdullah’s active on Facebook. But does he have a site where his constituents can reach him? No slumdog prizes for guessing.

Mr Obama, any tips for Master Gandhi?