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Law of Shoaib Malik

7 Apr

Mohitoz’ Law #254
(Contributed by Ranajit Mukherjee)

Sania, yet so far.

Sania-Shoiab: no-balled?

The Sania-Shoiab saga (image courtesy: The Guardian)


Law of Afridi

1 Feb

Mohitoz’ Law #228

Every bowler bites off more than he can chew.

Third Law of Taliban

23 Jan

Mohitoz’ Law #219

Watching TV is dangerous; carrying explosives is not.

Fourth Law of Cricket

21 Jan

Mohitoz’ Law #217

For the Pakistani players who waited in vain, it was summons ki asha.

Second Law of Taliban

10 Jan

Mohitoz’ Law #205

All money must be spent on expensive machine guns and rocket launchers but never on shoes.

First Law of Taliban

6 Jan

Mohitoz’ Law #200

Vests come in only two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.

Law of Threesomes

4 Jan

Mohitoz’ Law #198

While India watched a debate on 3 Idiots, nobody watched 3 Pakistani terrorists escaping.