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Survival of the (Un)Faithful?

28 Sep

When you survive Saturday’s near-stampede at the Dargah in Ajmer and emerge physically bruised, a shirt button missing and so-called titanium-framed rimless glasses bent hopelessly out of shape, your muddled mind has questions screaming for answers:

Is this happening to me because I’ve returned after almost seven long years?

Or is it because I shouldn’t have returned?

How many more times will I face death before I lose the final battle? (This was my seventh near-death experience in this life: if I were a cat, I’d know exactly how many more credits I have in my account.)

Does Faith always have to be tested like this in India? Do we have to go through filth, fear, touts, beggars, cheats and crowds for that one second of solitude?

Do You have an Answer?