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Lehman Brothers’ Stockpile

17 Apr

Someone once said that ‘nuclear’ is an anagram of ‘unclear’.

When one reads about Lehman Brothers’ brilliance, it’s evident why.



24 Mar

Okay, so AIG’s been a bit obtuse and sent Obama and Co. into another tizzy.

More important, it’s led to an OUTRAIG: Public anger directed at corporations like AIG which blow up taxpayers’ funds for self-gain… go thumb it on Urban Dictionary.

(By the way, Lehman Sisters had made it to the Word of the Day on March 20; but it does look like it’s disliked more than it’s loved! Which is also okay I guess – at least it evoked a response.)


Lehman Sisters

27 Feb

Soon after Lehman Brothers started to go down, and panic buttons were being hit, I happened to be far from the crowd – in Berlin. And, that’s where it struck me that while most people were wondering what the ‘poor’ investment bankers would do, how come no one was thinking of their kith and kin? That’s how, in this once-devastated capital, Lehman Sisters was created. It’s taken Urban Dictionary four months to publish it but, then, all good things do take time 🙂

Updated March 20
: Lehman Sisters makes it to Urban Dictionary’s Word of the Day…

Urban Dictionary's Word of the Day

Urban Dictionary's Word of the Day