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29 Mar

This one’s not just about entry no. 12 in Urban Dictionary… it’s about a few friends as well.

To start with, it’s about Abhijit Pradhan who was a colleague twice over – in two different organisations – and is one of the few people I know who turned a passion into a means of livelihood.

I met him, after a hiatus of a few weeks last Friday, and our conversation turned towards the Microsoft Corporate Challenge where I was fortunate to lead two of the finest teams I’ve ever had. The first in Goa in 2005, the next at Hua-Hin in Thailand in 2007 – and we came third in the inaugural event and second in the 2007 one! I happened to be telling him about the sheer brilliance of the concept, the organisation of the event, the fact that it is arguably the most powerful team-building tool I’ve come across and that it’s mandatory to have at least two women in a team of seven (the inaugural event had one woman in a team of six)… that’s when he quipped “not mandatory, but womandatory!”.

So, this entry to Urban Dictionary is dedicated to Abhijit.

And to Manjula, who made the first year’s triumph possible. As well as to Anupa and Arti who powered us to the runner’s-up position in the last event (sadly, the Microsoft Corporate Challenge doesn’t have a sponsor today, so the Hua Hin one was the last).

It should be womandatory to have more women around…