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23 Feb

There are times when you need someone to do nothing with.

Someone to just be there. Not to speak with or listen to. Not to touch or be caressed by. No whiff, no whisper, no kiss, no comforting… Just nothing.

Nothing more, nothing less.

But it isn’t easy to do nothing. Programmed as we are to continuously engage in social activity, we look for films to watch, books to read, links to share, friends to hang out with, calories to burn, beer to guzzle, tweets to type and statuses to update…try nothing for a change.

Nothing is a noun, not a verb – so inaction is inbuilt. ‘Do nothing’ is a paradox.

That’s it for now. Nothing else.


Law of Ishqiya

6 Feb

Mohitoz’ Law #233

The eternal triangle is always right-tangled.

Law of Reverse Attraction

17 Jan

Mohitoz’ Law #213

Divorce can lead to marriage.

First Law of Kissing

9 Jan

Mohitoz’ Law # 204

Kissing someone goodbye at an airport is a national security threat.

However, you may wish to learn this before you board your next flight:

Dating Humor:
How To Kiss Someone Passionately

Law of Voyeurs

21 Nov

Mohitoz’ Law #151

Bra, bra, black peep…

Law of Rome

15 Nov

Mohitoz’ Law #145

When in Rome, do the Romans.

Law of Elopers

10 Nov

Mohitoz’ Law #140

You may now miss the bride.