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Mahatma Mallya?

6 Mar

We are a strange people…

We don’t seem to have the vision to carry forward Mahatma Gandhi’s principles but our collective eyes pop when his spectacles are put up for sale by an auctioneer in New York.

We have a liquor baron whose products make consumers see double but who seems to have the foresight (and the bank balance) to “bid for the country”… and put USD 1.8 million on the table. (I seem to recall Gandhiji having a problem with people who consumed alcohol.)

And, stranger still, when the bid is won, NRIs (No-longer Resident Indians) and the Government unitedly want to take credit for this so-called achievement.

Soon there will be celebrations on a yacht and in the pubs of Bangalore. And some more women could be beaten up for commemorating the prophet of non-violence in this manner…as though our Home Minister doesn’t have his hands full with politicians and cricketers who need protection!

How would Bapu respond to this form of Gandhigiri?