First Law of Shashi Tharoor

17 Sep

Mohitoz’ Law #77

Tweets on holy cows will be milked by the media.


4 Responses to “First Law of Shashi Tharoor”

  1. freida kahlo September 17, 2009 at 2:24 pm #

    The pic on is hilarious! Mr Twitteroor looks like a hulo beral…;-)

  2. Swapan Seth September 17, 2009 at 4:37 pm #

    For a career diplomat, Shashi Tharoor is showing little diplomacy. Worse still, his artfully manicured UN image is progressively getting buggered by his now fairly regular habit of putting his Gucci shoes into his gob.
    Now Tharoor is no goat.
    He couldn’t have had a stab at the top job in the UN if he was intellectually innocent.
    It just seems that the diplomacy that he has been practicing all these years in the UN is vastly different from the one that he must demonstrate in the politically” I- am-waiting -for -you- to -fuck- up” India.
    The tweet on cattle class may be his way of sounding cool. This does happen to folks who get on to playgrounds such as Twitter late in their years. There is this enormous pressure to sound absolutely with it and uber cool. And when you have fans and mice following you like maniacs, as a Pied Piper you can eff up the tune a bit and then drown.
    The bovine bungle is going seriously hurt Tharoor. After all he represents a party that tweeted its way to victory on the aam aadmi plank.
    So what do I suppose will happen? First of all he has pissed SG. And the rule on that is very clear.
    It’s either jhatka or halal. But the neck chop is certain.
    The BJP is now going to make a national crisis over it and will walk out of Parliament.
    Some rabid parties are also going to break every business class lounge in this country.
    What has happened to Tharoor.
    I think he has been Lutyened.
    He is loving the attention that he is getting.
    People are fawning over him.
    In Manhattan, he would be another Sam on the sidewalk. Here in Malcha Marg, he’s cool Christopher.
    So what should Tharoor do. Get off Twitter. Someone has to stop him from playing there. The Congress has to exercise parental control if not total abandonment.
    He should be given some serious work. Maybe make him in charge of the Commonwealth Games. Or fix the potholes on MG Road. Something useful.
    Finally, Tharoor must smell some ground coffee ( not Lavazza, Shashi) and realize that a Thousand Mutinies may make for a half decent book, but it does shitall in political India.

  3. freida kahlo September 17, 2009 at 6:02 pm #

    @Swapan: You’ve hit the nail on its head. Am one of the mice who happens to follow Mr Twitteroor on this new fancy platform (being a Net scribe, it’s more occupational than ornamental for me). And I think that he should be banned from twitting away as if there’s no tomorrow. His self-important, am-the-best thing-to-have-happened-to-the-Indian-political-class act is seriously beyond tolerance now.

  4. shaaakspsyco September 17, 2009 at 8:02 pm #

    Ah. the media.

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