Three for One

16 Jun

They are three characters who have co-existed alongside each other for over a century: two of them are neighbours, the third lives just one row away. But they do meet these days in a manner and frequency that would have surprised Christopher Latham Sholes. He didn’t create these three fellows; merely ordained where they should be.

The ones who are close look down – literally – at their occasional companion with a look that smacks of superiority. Individually, they perform very different tasks and were created for specific roles that have, somehow, lost their meaning in today’s hurly-burly careless world. They may have disappeared from the permanence of paper but have been infused with a new vitality digitally with the poor guy at the bottom jumping out of the keyboard and initiating the existence of all three as one team.

When they do come together, these colourless, cold characters can light up a forlorn face in the twinkling of an eye. Some days, you just wait for them to appear in a rare reply to an email or to an SMS (perhaps it’s the rarity with which they come together that makes the trio even more valuable).

Maybe they should be brought together more often and sent out to someone waiting for a smile.

Or a : – )


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