No Leaders?

8 Apr

On February 3, I observed that LK Advani and the BJP seemed to be digitally ahead of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress.

The young man still doesn’t seem to have an official website… although there is one with a .us domain. Strange but true.

His party, however, has an election-specific website called Vote for Congress.

I went a bit deeper, into the third tab titled ‘Leaders’, and this is what I saw:

Where are Congress' leaders?

Where are Congress' leaders?

In case the image isn’t large enough for you, here’s a close-up: it simply says ‘No Leaders’!

Congress Party Website

Where are Congress' leaders?

This one was found by friend Neeraj and I’m sure the Congress will find its missing leaders as soon as its site development team locates the content; but, until then, thankfully there’s this screen-grab 🙂

So much for Lead India.


The Congress Party has found its leaders – in the nick of time! Here.


One Response to “No Leaders?”

  1. naveen September 7, 2010 at 10:51 pm #

    please add a back link to
    naveen arya

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