Currency of Kindness

26 Mar

In a world where currencies fluctuate wildly, moods swing like crazy and most people don’t behave like humans any longer, thank Absolut and a lovely lady (who wishes to remain uncredited for finding this) for this!


3 Responses to “Currency of Kindness”

  1. shubho March 26, 2009 at 3:12 pm #

    Nice, very nice, saw this a year back, still remember every frame.

  2. Rahul Ghosh May 18, 2009 at 9:41 am #


    Stumbled into Mohitoz on the Rocks today. And am going through all the back-entries (no pun intended).

    A little something about this Absolut ad that you posted. It’s by the agency network I now work for, TBWA. And although this ad is credited to TBWA\New York, it is actually the outcome of a strange, unique TBWA exercise. Thought you find this interesting.

    Every year John Hunt, TBWA’s worldwide CD flags off an internal exercise called VVCFF. The Very, Very, Cheap Film Festival.

    The rules are simple. You are given a brief on an existing TBWA brand. You are given the current communication platform. And you have to develop a film and enter it in the competition. Not as a script. Not as a storyboard. A finished film.

    And the film should cost next to nothing. It can be shot on handycam, digicam, cellphone camera, movie camera (if you know a soul who has one).

    It is usually edited on a Mac with music taken from the net. You are encouraged use colleagues as actors, offices as locations and spend practically nothing on props.

    Each person in the agency has to enter a film. There are no official branch entries. Films done by trainees compete with films done by Creative Directors. Films done by Account people compete with films done by Creatives. Deals like, I will act in yours if you act in mine, are struck.

    The idea is to recognise and celebrate the primacy of a great idea without being encumbered by things like budgets, production values, prima donna directors.

    The prize: John Hunt personally presents the film to the client. And then it gets produced, once again. With all the budgets, the production values that the film deserves.

    The Absolut film that you posted was last year’s VVCFF winner, created by TBWA\Philippines.

  3. mohitoz May 18, 2009 at 10:21 am #

    Thanks Rahul… this sounds like a brilliant exercise.

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