Digitally Challenged Gandhi

3 Feb

Rahul Gandhi isn’t 40 yet… that makes him a young politician and perhaps a Prime Minister-in-waiting. He may be a regular on page 3 and, occasionally, in his constituency sleeping on charpoys with descendants of former British viceroys; but try Googling him and you’ll get this:

Search Results

Search Results

What’s interesting is not the results on him, but the solitary sponsored text ad on the right which will lead you to the home page of the 81-year old LK Advani.

As though that’s not enough, even Narendra Modi has a pretty well-designed site of his own.

Rahul, however, has this:

Hamein Site Bhi Banana Hai

Hamein Site Bhi Banana Hai

Could it be that, in spite of having senior citizens running the party, the BJP itself is younger than the Congress when it comes to leveraging the Internet?

Or is it because our young politicians haven’t quite grasped the power of this medium yet?

Omar Abdullah’s active on Facebook. But does he have a site where his constituents can reach him? No slumdog prizes for guessing.

Mr Obama, any tips for Master Gandhi?


3 Responses to “Digitally Challenged Gandhi”

  1. ex-dog lover from regent park February 6, 2009 at 5:18 pm #

    google is running the advani campaign.
    the strategy is lifted lock stock barrel from obama’s web campaign. at least that’s what the plan is.
    interestingly, google screwed up: 1. all clicks took user to the advani HP, never the appropriate section. so, bad SEO. 2. they were overcharging the bjp, which the latter found out – so google is shitting as i type. already budgets have been slashed.
    what doesn’t help is advani has enemies – rajnath singh etc. who don’t give a shit about his website so release money very slowly.

  2. Ashwan February 11, 2009 at 5:54 pm #

    The urban educated folk are the BJP’s constituency. Is it any surprise that they have a well oiled machine that works for them?


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